Leea acuminatissima

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Leea acuminatissima


Treelet up to 3 m. Leaves 1-foliolate, 7-9 clustered at the apex of the stem. Inflorescences c. 5 cm long, condensed, few-flowered, ± glabrous; Flowers 4-merous, only fragments seen. Ovary appearing 4-celled; Fruit 15 mm ø, red;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Aurora-Sierra Madre Mts present, Luzon present, Nueva Ecija present
Malesia: Philippines: Luzon (Aurora-Sierra Madre Mts, Nueva Ecija), only 2 collections. .


The status of this species is uncertain and further collections and field observations are required. It may only be a precociously flowering, 1-foliolate form of a pinnately leaved species.


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