Myristica sarcantha

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Myristica sarcantha


Treelet 4 m. Leaves membranous, obovate-oblong, 22-32 by 8-15 cm, base cuneate, apex broadly rounded with acute-acuminate tip;


Asia-Tropical, Sarmi present, northern Papua Barat present
Malesia: northern Papua Barat (Sarmi); known only from the type.


1 This species, belonging to the group of ant-inhabited species, is readily distinguishable by the large, robust, carnose flowers. In general habit M. sarcantha is close to M.fissiflora (with deeper lobed less thick-fleshy male perianth, and the bracteole apical) and to M. fasciculata (mature male flowers not known, but immature flowers very different). It also resembles M. verruculosa, which has larger flowers with a longer pedicel. 2 The nature of the muricate bodies mentioned in the field-notes is unknown.