Osmoxylon talaudense

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Osmoxylon talaudense


Shrub or small tree, to 6 m, glabrous. Leaves at the ends of the stout branches; Inflorescence a terminal compound umbel, peduncle 1-2 cm, bearing broad ovate bracts 2-3 cm long, with bristles on the back, (similar persistent bracts subtend the primary rays); Stamens 5. Ovary turbinate, 1.25 mm long, 5-celled. Fruit in spherical heads 2 cm ø (when dry);


Asia-Tropical, Karekelong present, N. Moluccas present, Salebabu present, Talaud Is present
Malesia: N. Moluccas (Talaud Is.: Karekelong and Salebabu).


The flower is yellow-orange and the fruit dark purple. For a discussion of the distinctive features, see under 31. O. sessiliflorum.