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Dioecious trees. Leaves spirally arranged, subdistichous, entire, penninerved. Petals 5, valvate, lanceolate-oblong, apex inflexed. Panicles 1-2(-3) per axil, 2-3-chotomized, the branches cymose, peduncled; Ovary subcylindrical, early curved, with a distinct lateral swelling; Seed 1;


Asia-Tropical: Malaya present; Philippines (Philippines present); Sulawesi (Sulawesi present); Sumatera (Sumatera present), Bismarcks present, Carolines present, Pacific: Fiji (Fiji present); Samoa (Samoa present), Solomons present
About 4 or 5 spp., 2 (or 3) in Fiji and Samoa, in Malesia 2 spp., one in Sumatra and Malaya and one from the Philippines and Celebes to the Carolines, Bismarcks and Solomons. .


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