Myristica robusta

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Myristica robusta


Tree c. 15 m. Leaves thinly coriaceous, elliptic-oblong, 30-40 by 14-20 cm, base rounded or somewhat cordate, apex subacute; Inflorescences between the leaves and below, of the Knema-type, in male:


Asia-Tropical, Bacan present, N Moluccas present
Malesia: N Moluccas (Bacan); known only from the type.


Myristica robusta is distinguishable by its stout twigs and leaves, stout inflorescences of the Knema-type, and the comparatively large male flowers, 8 mm long. The species seems closely related to the widespread M. fatua which readily differs in leaves that are pubescent below, and smaller male flowers. Also close to M. frugifera from the Philippines, a species known only in fruit, noticeable for its paniculate, pedunculate inflorescences.


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