Weinmannia celebica

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Weinmannia celebica


Tree 5-27 m, up to 45 cm dbh. Leaves imparipinnate with 3-6 pairs of lateral leaflets; Stipules few in mature foliage, suborbicular, up to 0.45 cm diameter. Inflorescence a pair of opposite dyads; Flowers probably unisexual;


Asia-Tropical, northern peninsula of Sulawesi around Menado present
Malesia: known from the northern peninsula of Sulawesi around Menado.


. Scarce to locally common.


This species is distinguished from W. fraxinea by the pilose indumentum on the underside of the leaflets and from W. devogelii by the longer pedicels. Its affinities seem to be with W. hutchinsonii and W. luzoniensis from the Philippines but better collections are needed to determine whether it is in fact worthy of specific rank.


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