Pronephrium affine

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Pronephrium affine


Asia-Tropical, Central & S. Sumatra present, Peninsular Thailand present, West Java present
Peninsular Thailand, in Malesia: Central & S. Sumatra, West Java.


The description by Mettenius of A. lineatum was evidently based on specimens of several distinct species, doubtfully including the type of A. affine; it was copied by Hooker who varied the list of synonyms, and the status of A. affine as a synonym of A. lineatum was accepted by Christensen, who cannot have read Blume's descriptions. But the descriptions of Raciborski, van Alderwerelt and Backer & Posthumus clearly apply to the present species only.
Blume's type matches specimens from a low altitude in Sumatra which, like Blume's, were found on limestone rocks by streams. A specimen from Pattani in Thailand is similar.


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