Carex helferi

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Carex helferi


Leaves overtopping the stems, broadly linear, conduplicate below (narrowed into a pseudo- petiole), otherwise flat, long-acuminate, minutely scabrid on the margins in the upper part, with the midnerve and 2 mid-lateral nerves prominent, 1.5-3.5 cm wide; Inflorescence paniculate, consisting of (2-)3-7 partial inflorescences, up to 25 cm long;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo absent; Sumatera (Sumatera absent), Lower Burma present, Priangan present, SE. & Peninsular Thailand present, W. Java present
Lower Burma, SE. & Peninsular Thailand; in Malesia: W. Java (Priangan). Wrongly recorded for Sumatra and Borneo by Nelmes (1950, p. 100).


This is the only Malesian member of the wide-leaved sect. Mapaniifoliae, which section appears to be almost confined to the Indo- Chinese Peninsula, where it is represented by several species.
The few Javan specimens hitherto collected are vegetatively much less developed than those from the continent, but agree with them in floral and fruit characters.
By its broad leaves, scapiform flowering stems, and shape of the inflorescence Carex helferi deceivingly resembles Hypolytrum humile (Steud.) Boeck. It can be distinguished by the long-beaked utricles, the 3 stigmas, and the trigonous nuts.


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