Synima macrophylla

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Synima macrophylla


Small tree, 1.5-3 m high (in Australia up to 11 m). Leaves 2-6-jugate; Inflorescences 5.5-28 cm, not branched. Flowers white. Fruits obpyramidal, rounded deltoid in cross section, red, 17-21 by 15-20 mm, stipe c. 6 mm, outside thinly appressed-hairy, inside villous or more appressed-hairy. Seeds narrowly obovoid, 11-13 by 5-6 mm , testa shiny black, sarcotesta yellow;


Asia-Tropical, Australasia, Milne Bav Prov present, N Queensland present, Papua New Guinea present, Western present
Australia (N Queensland) and Malesia: Papua New Guinea (Western and Milne Bav Prov.).


ST. Reynolds 1985 – In: Austrobaileya: 187