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Unarmed shrubs or trees. Leaves bipinnate, rachis and pinnae with extrafloral nectaries; Stipules present or not. Inflorescences simple or compound, consisting of pedunculate glomerules, umbels, corymbs, or racemes, or, when the inflorescence is compound, maybe arranged in cauliflorous, ramiflorous, axillary, or terminal panicles. Flowers bisexual, sometimes male or female, or bisexual and male, (tri- or) pentamerous, uniform. Stamens numerous, at base united into a tube. Ovary(ies) 1-15 per flower, sessile or stipitate. Seeds transversely held, ± funiculate, ± ellipsoid, ± flattened, with a black or bluish-black testa, without pleurogram, wingless, aril absent;


Asia-Tropical: India present, Ceylon present, Micronesia present, NE Australia present, Solomon Islands present, continental SE Asia present
In all 94 species, in India, Ceylon, continental SE Asia, throughout Malesia (62 species) to NE Australia, 1 species extending to Micronesia, 2 species to the Solomon Islands. — .


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