Rinorea macrantha

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Rinorea macrantha


Leaves probably spirally arranged, subsessile to ¾ cm petiolate; Stipules 7 mm long, brown, striate. Flowers with several in lax lateral racemes 1-1½ cm long, bracts 2-3 mm long, pedicels 6-7 mm, jointed just above the middle. Sepals thin, 3½-5 by 2½-4½ mm, glabrous or nearly so. Petals thin, 6-9 by 2-3½ mm, glabrous. Fruit unknown.


Asia-Tropical, W. Central Borneo present
Malesia: W. Central Borneo.


For the slight differences between the two collections on which the above description has been based, see JACOBS, l.c.
A sterile collection from Singkep in the Lingga Archipelago, BUNNEMEIJER 7384 (BO) may also belong here.