Anacolosa cauliflora

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Anacolosa cauliflora


Treelet 3 m. branchlets glabrous. Leaves lanceolate, apex gradually long-attenuate, base cuneate to almost rounded, glabrous, dull, brown and sub-densely tubercled on both faces when dry, 20-26 by 4-5.5 cm, midrib impressed above, much prominent beneath, nerves 4-5 pairs, curved-ascending and looping before the edge, obscure above, raised beneath, reticulations obscure; Inflorescences from the stem, glomerulate, each with numerous flowers on multi-bracteolate axes 5-10 by 2-3 mm. Flowers white, known only in bud. Petals 6, thickish, glabrous outside, barbate above the anthers inside. Stamens 6;


Asia-Tropical, NW. New Guinea present, Rouffaer R. area present
Malesia: NW. New Guinea (once found in the Rouffaer R. area).