Arthrophyllum stonei

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Arthrophyllum stonei


Asia-Tropical: Malaya present, Pahang present, Selangor present
Malesia: Malaya: Pahang-Selangor (Stone 12358, 13754, 14140, KLU 27353, 30006, 30007).


Said to be intermediate between A. montanum and A. alternifolium, distinct from the latter by the purple fruit, degree of branching of the inflorescence, and the narrow, thin-coriaceous leaflets.
A. montanum and A. alternifolium were already distinguished by Philipson (Fl. Males. I, 9: 55) by weak characters and the addition of a third one, with intermediate leaf characters is therefore hardly welcome; the differentiating characters are also slight. Mr. Lim should have given a clear key for the three species instead of this haphazard description.
Prof. Philipson (in litt.) finds 'A. stonei' represents rather larger than usual specimens of A. alternifolium.


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