Fimbristylis insignis

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Fimbristylis insignis


Glabrous perennial with short rhizome. Leaves shorter than the stems, erect, rigid, flat, exactly linear, obtuse or abruptly acuminate, scabrid on the margins at least at the top, (1-)2-2½(-4) mm wide; Inflorescence simple or sub- compound, loose, with (2-)4-8(-18) spikelets, 3- 6(-10)cm long. Stamens 3;


Asia-Tropical: Laos (Laos present); Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); New Guinea present; Philippines (Philippines present); Thailand (Thailand present), Ceylon present, Cochin-china present, Culion present, Kedah present, Luzon present, N. Borneo present, Panay present, Rumbia present, S. China present, SE. Celebes present, Setul present, Timampu present, Tonkin present, tropical Australia present
Ceylon, Thailand, Tonkin, Cochin-China, Laos, S. China, tropical Australia; in Malesia in several remote localities: Malay Peninsula (Setul, Kedah), N. Borneo, Philippines (Culion, Luzon, Panay), SE. Celebes (Rumbia, Timampu), through- out New Guinea.


THWAITES described the style as glabrous. In the specimens of CP 3317 (type-collection) and in most of the other collections I have seen the style is distinctly ciliate. Sometimes it is bordered by a hyaline membrane; only in VESTERDAL 228 fiom Kedah I found it glabrous.
Why BOECKELER renamed this species is not clear.


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