Heterogonium sagenioides

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Heterogonium sagenioides


Asia-Temperate: Hainan (Hainan present), Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present); Thailand (Thailand present); Vietnam (Vietnam present), Burma present, West Malesia present
Thailand, S Burma, Vietnam, Hainan; Malesia: West (most abundant in the Peninsula), Philippines.West Malesia


Philippine specimens are mostly smaller than those of the Malay Peninsula; some quite small ones are fertile and very hairy, perhaps from exposed places.

The only exindusiate specimens known are the types of Polypodium obscurum Hook, and Phegopteris schizoloma Alderw. I see no clear distinction, other than lack of indusia, between these and the range of indusiate specimens as above described.

There was much confusion in the synonymies of various authors, due to various causes discussed by Holttum in 1975 under H. obscurum. The chief were Hooker’s mixture of drawings from different specimens under Stenosemia aurita (1842), the citation of Phegopteris obscura Fée as a basionym though a nomen nudum, and the fact that no author besides Hooker saw specimens of Cuming 302. Basal pinnae on the specimens of Cuming 302 from Herb. Hooker at Kew are nearly all defective, and those of the sterile frond in the photograph reproduced as fig. 1 by Holttum in 1975 are lacking.


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