Aglaia species group

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Aglaia species group


The Aglaia speciosa group clearly consists of more than two taxa, but with the material available it is only possible to separate A. speciosa and A. korthalsii, of which the latter is more widespread and variable. See for discussion of the morphological variation in the group, andfor seed dispersal and aril biochemistry.

More complete material for the group throughout its range might result in the detec- tion of patterns of variation which would allow the delimitation of reliably distinguish- able species or subspecies. More information about the animals which eat the arils and disperse the seeds and about the biochemistry of the aril might result in an improved understanding of the biology of the different forms and the functional significance of the morphological variation.


Aglaia speciosa is here delimited on its higher number of leaflets, their narrow, usu- ally elliptical, shape and the density of the indumentum on the lower surfaces of the leaflets, and in fruit type. Aglaia korthalsii usually has fewer than 7 leaflets, which are broader and have fewer scales than A. speciosa’, it includes a wide range of fruit forms.