Allium chinense

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Allium chinense


Inflorescence umbellate. Flowers campanulate;


Asia cultivated, Asia-Temperate, C and E China present, Japan cultivated, Northern America: California (California cultivated), SE Asia cultivated, worldwide cultivated
Native to C and E China. Cultivated in China, Japan, California, and SE Asia. Carried worldwide as a garden crop by Asian communities.


Vegetative plants of A. chinense superficially resemble those of A. schoenoprasum. However, the latter species has terete leaves and indistinct bulbs, whereas A. chinense has more or less angled leaves and distinct bulbs.


Backer & Bakh. f. 1968 – In: Fl. Java: 130
Ochse & Bakh. 1931: VegeL Dutch East Indies: 455
Mann & Steam 1960 – In: Econ. BoL: 69