Amphineuron ceramicum

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Amphineuron ceramicum


Amboina present, Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present, Ceram present, Halmahera present
Malesia: Moluccas (Amboina, Halmahera, Ceram), New Guinea.


The type of Phegopteris ceramica v.A.v.R. does not show glands on the lower surface; it has pinnae to 22x1.6 cm. Hooker's Amboina specimen which he wrongly included in Polypodium erubescens is larger, with pinnae to 30 x 3 cm, the glands on the lower surface well preserved, those near sinuses distinctly elongate. A specimen of de Vriese from Ceram at Kew is similar but sterile.


v.A.v.R. 1908: Handb.: 506
v.A.v.R. 1917: Handb.: 516