Potentilla sundaica


Loose rosettes with erect to prostrate, often rooting, flowering stems, stolons (prostrate stems without normal leaves) sometimes present. Leaves palmately (pedately) 5-foliolate, petiole 6-40 cm long. Stipules 1.5-4 cm long, membranous, little hairy outside. Inflorescences terminal and axillary, compound dichasia, whole inflorescence up to 5-10 cm long. Sepals triangular, 2-3 by 1-2 mm, growing after anthesis, indumentum as epicalyx. Petals obovate, 3 -3.5 by 2-3 mm, yellow, falling early. Stamens 20 or few missing, filaments c. 1 mm, anthers c. 0.5 mm long.


Asia-Temperate:, Korea present Asia-Tropical:, India present; Laos (Laos present); Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka present) Japan: present N Sumatra: present N Vietnam: present S China: present W and C Java: present
India, Sri Lanka, S China, N Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Japan; Malesia: only in N Sumatra and W and C Java.


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Potentilla sundaica (Blume) O. Kuntze in Rev. Gen. Pl. 1: 219. 1891
  • Fragaria sundaica Blume, Bijdr.: 1106. 1826
  • Duchesnea sundaica Miq. in Fl. Ind. Bat. I: L 6, incl. var. hirsuta Miq., l.c. 373. 1855
    • Type: Mt Gede, Blume s.n. (L).
  • =Potentilla kleiniana Wight & Am. in Wight, Ill. Ind. Bot. 1: t. 85. 1831
    • Type: Wight 914.