Selliguea neglecta


Asia-Tropical:, Jawa (Jawa present); Sumatera (Sumatera present)
Malesia: Sumatra, Java.


Selliguea neglecta can be confused with forms of S. subsparsa, from which it can be distinguished only with difficulty: Selliguea neglecta has the sori singly between the veins, S. subsparsa usually has two sori between each pair of veins. As the venation is rarely visible, the position of the veins is best inferred from the position of the marginal notches.


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  • Polypodium neglectum Blume, Enum. Pl. Javae: 121. 1828
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  • Craspedaria calva Fée, Gen. Filic.: 265. 1850–1852
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    • Unknown type category: Kuhl & van Hasselt s.n.
  • =Pleopeltis parvifrons Alderw. in Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg III: 165. 1920
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    • Unknown type category: Bünnemeijer 4707 (L).
    • Unknown type category: Bünnemeijer 4707.