Tectaria teratocarpa


sparse short hairs present on lower surface of midrib and veins, upper surface glabrous apart from very short hairs near bases of pinna-midribs.


Asia-Tropical:, New Guinea present
Malesia: New Guinea (known only from the type collection).


Tectaria teratocarpa (Alderw.) C. Chr., Index Filic.: 185. 1934
  • Aspidium teratocarpum Alderw. in Nova Guinea 14: 6. 1924
    • Type: H. J. Lam 966 (BO).
    • Isotype: H. J. Lam 966 (L).
    • Type: H. J. Lam 966 (SING).
    • Type: H. J. Lam 966 (UC).