Selliguea craspedosora


Asia-Tropical:, Sumatera (Sumatera present)
Malesia: Sumatra.


Similar to S. subsparsa, but differs most strikingly in the scales, which match those of S. lateritia: they are dull brown, from a wide base suddenly contracted to a narrow, entire acumen. The sori are distinctly closer to the margin than to the costa.


Selliguea craspedosora (Copel.) Hovenkamp in Blumea 43: 72. 1998
  • Polypodium craspedosorum Copel. in Philipp. J. Sc. Bot. 9: 233. 1914
  • Pleopeltis craspedosora Alderw., Malayan Ferns: 378. 1917
  • Crypsinus craspedosorus Copel., Gen. Fil.: 206. 1947
    • Unknown type category: Brooks 134 (P).
    • Unknown type category: Brooks 134.