Selliguea pseudoacrostichum


Asia-Tropical:, Sumatera (Sumatera present)
Malesia: Sumatra.


2. Some specimens have light-coloured, appressed rhizome scales with a finely dentate, scarious margin; others have more brownish, spreading scales. 1 Very similar to Selliguea murudensis from Borneo, from which it differs in the fertile lamina being usually over 3 mm wide with a distinct sterile margin, and in the sori, which may be longitudinally elongated but usually not confluent across the veins. 3. Crypsinus hagerupii differs in a much more coriaceous texture, and lack of hydathodes. It is insufficiently known, no other specimens than the type specimen (Hagerup s.n., 1916/17, Lake Toba, BM) could be found.


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