Selliguea violascens


Asia-Tropical:, Jawa (Jawa present); Sumatera (Sumatera present)
Malesia: Java, Sumatra.


1 A neglected but not particularly rare species, easily recognisable by the rhizome which has few sclerenchyma except around the vascular strands and conspicuously shiny, dentate scales. 2. The sori may be sunken (sometimes very deeply, forming high papillae on the upper surface) or completely superficial.


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Selliguea violascens (Mett.) Hovenkamp in Blumea 43: 53. 1998
  • Polypodium violascens Mett. in Miq. in Ann. Mus. Bot. Lugd.-Bat. 2: 227. 1866
  • Pleopeltis violascens Alderw. in Bull. Dép. Agric. Indes Néerl. 27: 10. 1909
    • Unknown type category: Wichura s.n.