Selliguea pampolycarpa


Asia-Tropical:, New Guinea present
Malesia: New Guinea.


Apparently a rare species, but easily overlooked and confused with narrow forms of Selliguea enervis. The short internodes, the long, spathulate fronds which are very gradually narrowed into, usually, a short indistinct stipe, but particularly the distinct ridges on the upper side of the costa are characteristic. In many collections the apex of the long fronds is missing.


Selliguea pampolycarpa (Alderw.) Hovenkamp in Blumea 43: 87. 1998
  • Pleopeltis pampolycarpa Alderw. in Nova Guinea 16: 37. 1924
  • Polypodium pampolycarpum C. Chr., Index Filic.: 155. 1934
    • Unknown type category: Lam 1254 (L).
    • Unknown type category: Lam 1254.