Dedication to the memory of A.A. Pulle

A.A. Pulle

The completion of the fifth volume of this Flora brings the pleasant task of dedicating it to the memory of my former teacher in systematic botany, the late professor doctor August Adriaan Pulle, of Utrecht University.

As I have explained on a former occasion, descriptive botany and plant geography had since Miquel's time lost a great deal of attention and recognition. It is largely due to Pulle that scientia amabilis in Holland owes its remarkable réveil.


Dedication to Herman Johannes Lam

H.J. Lam

The completion of the seventh volume of this Flora gives me the occasion to dedicate this volume to HERMAN JOHANNES LAM, who from the beginning was intimately connected with the taxonomical study of the flora of the Malesian region, adopted the working team, provided for it a permanent niche in his institute, and finally played an important role when the perpetuating of its existence was threatened in 1958.


Dedication to the memory of C.F.A. Christensen

C.F.A. Christensen

CARL FREDRICK ALBERT CHRISTENSEN (1872-1942) was the founder of modern fern taxonomy. To appreciate the scope of his work, it is necessary to understand the confusions of thought on the subject which persisted through the 19th Century and were still evident in the summary prepared (by DIELS) for ENGLER & PRANTL'S Pflanzenfamilien in 1899. CHRISTENSEN'S first great work was his Index Filicum (1905-6) in which he listed all known fern binomials and also relegated many to synonymy. In the main he adopted the Classification and nomenclature of DIELS.

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