El Salvador, Las Caleras, western edge of the floodplain of the Río Lempa, along the side of the Panamerican Highway, between San Vicente and San Miguel., alt. 1600 m, 13°36'N, 89°38'24"W (WGS84), 6 Feb 1998, Davidse, Monro, Sidwell, Martínez & Salazar 37478 (B: B 10 0034254)

Preserved Specimen
Preferred stable urihttp://herbarium.bgbm.org/object/B100034254
BarcodeB 10 0034254

Derivation tree

  • Davidse, G., Monro, A.K., Sidwell, K., Martínez, H. & Salazar, C. 37478
    • B B 10 0034254