General editors:
Panayotis Dimopoulos (University of Patras, Patras, Greece),
- Thomas Raus (BGBM Berlin, Germany),
- Arne Strid (Ørbak, Denmark).

Special editors:
- Constantia Patelodimou (Greece): Data collection, editing and preparation for import,
- Aris Vidalis (Greece): Logo design and CSS styling.

Data imports, editor and website development: This checklist uses the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy technology developed and provided by the Biodiversity Informatics Research and Development Group of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM). Data imports and special features have been coordinated and implemented by Andreas Müller and Andreas Kohlbecker. Thanks to Thomas Borsch, Walter Berendsohn and Anton Güntsch for their general support of the checklist project.

We would also like to thank the following persons and institutions:
Ioannis Kokkoris (University of Patras/ Greece): Maps and spatial data treatment
- Arne Strid (Ørbak, Denmark): photos.