Key to the Kadsura

1Leaf margins entire or denticulate. Stamens with connectives that are broader than thick, so that thecae of adjacent stamens are contiguous
1'Leaf margins entire. Stamens with connectives that are as broad as thick, so that thecae of adjacent stamens are not contiguous
2Perianth segments 10-17. Stamens 39-62(-72). Carpels 28-47
2'Perianth segments 10-12. Stamens 24-42. Carpels 17-36
3Stamens 15-32. Carpels 18-68; pseudostyles narrow, subulate
3'Stamens 21-57. Carpels 40-200(-300); pseudostyles broad with subpeltate pseu- dostigmas
4Leaves small, (5.5-)6.5-13(-14.5) by (2.5-)3-5.5(-6) cm, with (3-)4-6(-9) pairs of secondary veins. Flower peduncle comparatively long, (2—)4—11(—15) mm
4'Leaves comparatively large, (10.5-)12-17.5(-21.5)by 6.5-ll(-15) cm, with(5-)7-8(-9) pairs of secondary veins. Flower peduncle short, 0-2(-5) mm
5Leaves broadly ovate, with long acuminate apex; lamina length:width ratio (1.7-) 1.8-2.6(-2.7). Outer perianth segments generally large, 4.0-8.9 by 2.3-7.3 mm, innermost slightly reduced to 0.4-0.7 of length of largest
5'Leaves elliptic to ovate, with acute to (short-)acuminate apex; lamina length:width ratio (l.l-)1.4-2.1(-3.0). Outer perianth segments generally smaller, 1.5-3.8 by 2.0-4.7 mm, innermost highly reduced to 0.1-0.4 of length of largest
6Flower peduncles comparatively thick, (1.1—)1.7—2.2(—2.8) mm. Outer perianth segments broad, length:width ratio 0.6-0.8
6'Flower peduncles comparatively thin, 0.5—1.3(—2.1). Outer perianth segments narrow, length:width ratio 0.7-1.2
7Carpels numerous, 100-200(-300)
7'Carpels few, 35-40
8Leaf intercostal venation indistinct adaxially, prominent abaxially. Berries small, (3.6-)6.8-10.9(-11.8) by (3.3-)6.1-10.1(-12.0) mm, subglobose with length:width ratio of 0.9-1.3, borne on stipes (1.8-)2.9-10.8(-15.2) mm long
8'Leaf intercostal venation prominent both adaxially and abaxially. Berries comparatively large, 9.5-22(-30) by 6.5-14(-17.5) mm, elongate with length:width ratio of 1.2—1.8(—2.1), sessile