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Trees or erect shrubs (none scandent in Mal.). Leaves spiral, sometimes sub-distichous, penninerved. Flowers in sessile (very rarely peduncled) cymes or fascicles, often from bracteolate woody warts or short axes, rarely from trunk or stem, bisexual. Petals (5-) 6 (-7) inserted on the margin of the cupular disk, fused in the lower part, fleshy, concave below and including the stamens there, with a bearded keel above the cavity. Stamens (5-) 6 (-7); Ovary with its base or for a greater part immersed in the disk, incompletely 2 (-3)-celled below, 1-celled above, with a central basal placenta bearing 2 (-3) unitegmic ovules pendent from its apex; Seed 1;


Andaman & Nicobar Is: present Asia-Tropical:, Assam (Assampresent); Thailand (Thailandpresent) Burma: present Central Africa: present Ceylon: absent Madagascar: present Old World tropics: present Pacific: present S. India: present SE. Asia: present
About 15 spp. in the Old World tropics, of which 1 sp. in Central Africa, 2 in Madagascar, the rest in S. India (not in Ceylon) to Assam, Burma, Andaman & Nicobar Is., Indochina, Thailand, Malesia and the Pacific; in Malesia 3 spp., one of which also in SE. Asia.


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