Selliguea bisulcata


Asia-Tropical:, Borneo present; India present
Malesia: Borneo. Obviously rare. outside Malesia once reported from India.


This species has been confused with other species or forms with gramineous fronds (see under S. ceratophylla, S. enervis, S. lateritia, S. setacea). All of these can be distinguished by the wider lamina, which is flat or slightly incurved in cross section. True S. bisulcata has an almost quadrangular cross section of the lamina, and a rhizome with the fronds distinctly spaced.


Selliguea bisulcata (Hook.) Hovenkamp in Blumea 43: 73. 1998
  • Grammitis bisulcata Hook., A Century of Ferns: Tab. 98. 1854
  • Holcosorus pentagonus T. Moore, Index Filic.: 30. 1857
  • Holcosorus bisulcatus Copel., Gen. Fil.: 208. 1947
    • Unknown type category: Lobb s.n.