Verbascum ovalifolium Sims subsp. ovalifolium

Verbascum ovalifolium Sims subsp. ovalifolium




    Greece (North-East Greecepresent)


    Native / Non Range-Restricted






    Agricultural and Ruderal habitats

    IUCN category

    Not Evaluated

    Presidential Decree 67/81



    Confirmed for Greece. Verbascum ovalifolium was not included in the Greek flora by Dimopoulos et al (2013), as previous reports from Greece were considered dubious (Rechinger 1963, Ferguson 1972:208, Dimopoulos et al. 2016, Arne Strid pers. comm.). A small population of c. 30 plants was discovered in the north-easternmost part of the Greek mainland (Nomos Evrou, eparchia Orestiadas) by Aris Zografidis in 2016 (14.07.2016). The taxon occurrence was re-confirmed by Arne Strid in 2017 (Arne Strid pers. comm.) Infraspecific delimitation of the subspecies, i.e., subsp. ovalifolium vs. subsp. thracicum (Velen.) Murb., is difficult if not impossible to perform as individuals either with grayish or yellowish indumentum and either with branched or unbranched inflorescences coexist. Both taxa are known from Bulgaria and W. Turkey (Dane & Yılmaz 2005). We keep V. ovalifolium at the subspecies level, since the plant specimens examined could be assigned to the typical subspecies. Hybrids with V. banaticum Schrad. were observed c. 5 km southeastward of the Dilofos site.

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