KEY TO THE SPECIES of Pronephrium Subg. Menisciopsis Sect. Menisciopsis

1Body of sporangium lacking setae.
1'Body of sporangium bearing setae.
2Pinnae 4-6 cm wide; edges distinctly serrate throughout
2'Pinnae 2.5-3.5 cm wide; edges entire or nearly so.
3Excurrent veinlets mostly free; sori close to costules
3'Excurrent veinlets mostly not free; sori not close to costules
4Pinnae one pair, a bud at the base of each
4'Pinnae several pairs on adult plant; no buds present.
5Caudex long-creeping; veins very oblique; several acicular hairs on stalk of sporangium
5'Caudex short-creeping; veins at a broad angle to costules; a hair of 2-3 cells, not acicular on stalk of sporangium