1Upper surface of pinna-rachis, at least distally, prominent and bearing short hairs; scales of pinna-rachis broad at the base, tapering distally, not dark.
1'Upper surface of pinna-rachis slightly grooved, the groove filled with many short hairs; scales on pinna-rachis dark and narrow
2Pinnules of middle pinnae c. 4 mm wide, their lobes c. 1 mm wide.
2'Pinnules of middle pinnae c. 7 mm wide, their lobes c. 2 mm wide
3Thick hairs c. 1 mm long on lower surface of veins
3'Thick hairs lacking on lower surface of veins
4Pinnule-lobes on first suprabasal pinnae deeply lobed; the thick hairs present on up per surface rigid, more than 1 mm long, short hairs also present.
4'Pinnule-lobes on first suprabasal pinnae not deeply lobed; thick hairs between veins on upper surface not rigid, no other hairs present