1Inflorescence shorter than the petioles (or at most about equal to them). Leaves palmately lobed, but variable in the variety
1'Inflorescence much longer than the petioles.
2Leaves simple, entire, minutely and remotely dentate.
2'Leaves palmately lobed or digitately compound (occasionally some simple).
3Leaf base subcordate; blade to 35 cm or more long; petioles c. 15 cm, 5 mm ø.
3'Leaf base cuneate or rounded; blade to 25 cm long; petioles c. 1 cm, 2 mm ø.
4Leaves palmately lobed
4'Leaves digitately compound.
5Branches of the inflorescence bearing several umbellules racemosely (as well as one at end); umbellules with c. 25-35 flowers
5'Branches of the inflorescence bearing a terminal umbellule only (or occasionally with separate flowers below it); umbellule with c. 10-13 flowers