1Sepals and petals always 4.
1'Sepals and petals usually 5.
2Leaves not densely imbricate, stems clearly visible.
2'Leaves densely imbricate, stems not visible.
3Sepals shorter than petals; pedicels ± densely pubescent.
3'Sepals longer than petals; pedicels glabrous.
4Flowers axillary, solitary; leaves not more than 15 mm long.
4'Flowers 2-4 in a terminal monochasium; leaves on non-flowering shoots 8-45 mm long.
5Sepals not strongly nerved, only slightly white-dotted; capsule longer than sepals.
5'Sepals strongly white-dotted, prominently nerved; capsule shorter than sepals.
6Leaves erect; pedicels 6-20 mm; sepals with apex obtuse to cucullate
6'Leaves patent; pedicels 4 mm; sepals with apex acute.