1Male buds globose or subglobose, [1.7-2.5 mm long], cleft 1/2-2/3; androecium globose or depressed-globose, circular or faintly triangular in cross section. [Pedicel ± slender. Leaves membranous to chartaceous, nerves flat or slightly raised above. Fruits 18-24 mm long. — Distribution as the species; 0-600(-1500) m altitude.]
1'Male buds broadly ellipsoid to broadly obovoid, cleft about halfway; androecium ellipsoid to obovoid, blunt-triangular in cross section
2Male buds ellipsoid, 1.5 mm long; androecium ellipsoid. Pedicel slender. Leaves membranous, nerves flat. Fruits not seen. — E Java
2'Male buds broadly ellipsoid-obovoid, 2-2.5 mm long; androecium broadly ellip- soid-obovoid. Pedicel rather short and thickish. Leaves chartaceous to subcoriaceous, nerves flat or sunken above. Fruits 18-20 mm long. — W & C Java; 600-1500 m altitude