1Rhizome slender, wide-creeping; some sori elongate
1'Rhizome erect, or if creeping thick with fronds near together; sori not elongate.
2Pinnae to c. 6 cm long, nearly all adnate to rachis, lobed not more than 4 to costa
2'Pinnae much longer, mostly not adnate to rachis and with adnate pinnules.
3Basal basiscopic pinnules conspicuously longer than next.
3'Basal basiscopic pinnules not conspicuously longer than next.
4Copious short capitate hairs present on lower surface of pinna-rachis and costae of pinnules
4'All hairs on lower surfaces acicular
5Pinnules on largest pinnae almost free, lobed almost to costa.
5'Pinnules on largest pinnae all broadly adnate to pinna-rachis, lobed not more than half-way to costa
6Lower surface of costae hairy; lobes of largest pinnules lobed almost to costule
6'Lower surface of costae glabrous; lobes of largest pinnules almost entire.