Key to the species of Lepidaria

1Inflorescence of 6 or more pairs of flowers
1'Inflorescence of 1-4 pairs of flowers
2Corolla less than 30 mm long; involucre less than 18 mm long
2'Corolla more than 60 mm long; involucre more than 50 mm long....
2''Corolla 32-60 mm long; involucre 18-30 mm long
5Involucral bracts thin, flexible, acuminate and acute
5'Involucral bracts rigid, rounded at the apex
3Leaf lamina more than 9 cm long; involucral bracts strongly recurved at the apex..
3'Leaf lamina less than 9 cm long; involucral bracts not or only slightly recurved at the apex
4Stem internodes angular or ridged longitudinally; leaf lamina broadly acute at the apex
4'Stem internodes terete; leaf lamina obtuse or rounded