Key to the species of Viscum

1Plants seemingly leafless
1'Plants leafy
2Inflorescence with a peduncle 2-4 mm long; fruit tuberculate
2'Inflorescence sessile or nearly so; fruit smooth or papillose
3Fruit papillose, with persistent tepals at the apex
3'Fruit smooth, without persistent tepals at the apex
4Stem internodes quite flat, 3-10 mm wide
4'Stem internodes terete or if flattened distinctly angular, 0.5-3(-5) mm wide..
5Fruit globose, white; internodes angular
5'Fruit ellipsoid, yellow; internodes terete or angular, distinctly longitudinally ribbed
6Fruit tuberculate
6'Fruit smooth or minutely punctate
7Leaves linear, less than 3 mm wide, soon falling
7'Leaves narrowly elliptic to obovate, 10-35 mm wide, long persistent
8Male flowers, when present, central in the inflorescence
8'Male flowers, when present, lateral in the inflorescence
9Leaves linear, 3-5 mm wide
9'Leaves spathulate to obovate, 12-25 mm wide