1Androecium consisting of a ring of free or slightly fused stamens in up to 12 whorls; native to Malesia (subfamily Barringtonioideae)
1'Androecium consisting of a hood of sterile or anther bearing stamens; introduced from the Neotropics (subfamily Lecythidoideae)
2Inflorescence racemose, often pendulous
2'Inflorescence paniculate, usually erect
3Ovules at or near apex of carpel, anatropous or apotropous
3'Ovules inserted on whole length or mid part or base of carpel, campylotropous
4Embryo undivided, without cotyledons
4'Embryo circinnate, with foliaceous, plicate cotyledons
5Fruits not winged; pedicel not articulate
5'Fruit distinctly 4-winged; pedicel articulate
6Staminal hood with sterile appendages. Calyx with two lobes. Fruit with hard woody endocarp and free seeds
6'Staminal hood with anther bearing appendages. Calyx with six lobes. Fruit with fragile exocarp and seeds embedded in pulp