1Flowers 65-83 mm long; hypanthium (or calyx tube) 55-70 mm long
1'Flowers much shorter, 6-46 mm long; hypanthium (or calyx tube) 5-32 mm long
2Hypanthium short, 3-7 mm long, about the same length as the calyx lobes. Ovary 2-ovuled. Pods suborbiculate, broadly ovoid or obovoid, or oblong, 4-8 by 3-4 cm, 1- or 2-seeded
2'Hypanthium usually longer, (7-)9-32 mm long, usually 0.5-2 times longer than calyx lobes. Ovary 6-12-ovuled. Pods of other shape, not like above, often longer or larger, usually 15-35(-50) by 5 — 8( — 10) cm, often 4-8- (or more-) seeded
3Filaments and staminodes united at the basal part into a short tube 4-9 mm high. Ovary 6-ovuled. Pods (only one seen) somewhat spindle-shaped, 24 by 5 cm, attenuate at the base
3'Filaments and staminodes free or obscurely united at the base. Pods of other shape, not like above, varying in size, usually cuneate or obliquely rounded at the base
4Bracts and bracteoles very small, 1-2 mm long, both caducous. Ovary 6-ovuled. Pods oblong or oblong-lanceolate, 15-18 by 5-6 cm. Seeds (only one seen) suborbicular, c. 3.7 by 3.1 cm
4'Bracts and bracteoles usually much larger, up to 35 mm long, often persistent at least during anthesis, or caducous. Ovary 6-12-ovuled. Pods and seeds varying in shape and size (see below)
5Stamens usually 4, rarely associated with only 3 or up to c. 7. Pedicel length between bracteoles and the flower 2-6(-8) mm
5'Stamens usually 6-8, rarely associated with only 5 or up to 10. Pedicel length between bracteoles and the flower (4-)7-10(-14) mm
6Inflorescences rather big, robust, up to 35(-40) cm wide, the main branches often thick, up to 10 mm in diam. Bracts (to be observed on very young inflorescences) much larger than the bracteoles, oblanceolate, 12-35 by 7-22 mm. Pods narrowly oblong, 15-45(-50) by 3.5-10 cm
6'Inflorescences rather smaller, slender, up to 15(-30) cm wide, the main branches rather thin, up to c. 3 mm in diam. Bracts usually smaller than the bracteoles, ovate or obovate, 3-12 by 1.5-7 mm. Pods oblong or lanceolate, 7-31 by 3-7 cm..
7Bracteoles caducous or persistent during anthesis, erecto-patent to spreading, not clasping the pedicel. Ovary 6-8- ovuled. Pods oblong or narrowly oblong-lanceolate, 6-25 by 2-6 cm
7'Bracteoles persistent during anthesis, erect, clasping the pedicel. Ovary 8 — 10( — 12)- ovuled. Pods oblong or elongate-oblong, or scimitar-shaped, 12.5-25 by 3.5-6.5 cm