1Stems and sepals glabrous; petioles absent.
1'Stems and sepals puberulous to pubescent; petioles present.
2Stems ± quadrangular, grooved; leaves oblong; stamens 5, filaments c. 1 mm long; styles 0.3 mm long.
2'Stems ± quadrangular, winged; leaves linear; stamens 10, filaments 3-4 mm long; styles 2-2.5 mm long
3Hairs simple
3'Hairs stellate
4Ovules many; several seeds in the capsule
4'Ovules 3; one seed in the capsule
5Stems hirsute in two grooves; petioles 1-4 mm; stamens 5; styles 1 mm, finely puberulous; seeds spherical
5'Stems sparsely puberulous all around, glabrous in lower part; petioles 5-35 mm; stamens 10; styles 2 mm, glabrous