Korthalsella papuana

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Korthalsella papuana


Plants to 18 cm long, relatively unbranched vegetatively when young, branched at nearly every node when older, differentiated into distinct vegetative and flowering axes. Hairs of the floral cushion absent or few, coarse, scarcely protruding, red or black. Rudimentary leaves together encircling the node, c. 0.5 mm high, leathery, acute at the apices. Flowers in c. 4 rows, more than 40 per cluster, the opposite clusters meeting and encircling the stem in dense whorls; Flower-bearing stems forming terete spike-like conflorescences 20-30(-50) mm long, these usually terminal in threes and sometimes solitary in the axils; the internodes 1.5—5(—7) mm long; floral bracts c. 0.3 mm long, coarsely dissected.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia: Queensland (Queensland present)
Australia (Queensland); Malesia: New Guinea.


Similar and probably related to K. geminata, differing in the characters set out in the key.


Danser 1940 – In: Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg. p 331