Myriophyllum propinquum

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Myriophyllum propinquum


Aquatic or semiterrestrial. Flowers solitary in the upper leaf-axils, the upper ♂, the lower ♀, often ☿ in between, or dioecious. Fruit 0.6-1.2 by ½-1 mm, the mericarps terete, apically spreading by the cushionlike thickened style-bases, with long tubercles at least at the base, punctate.


Asia-Temperate: Korea present; Manchuria present; Taiwan (Taiwan present), Australasia: New South Wales (New South Wales present); Queensland (Queensland present); Tasmania (Tasmania present); Victoria (Victoria present), E. Asia present, Heilong Jang present, Japan present, NE. China present, New Zealand present, S. Australia present, S. China present, S. Yunnan present, W. Australia present, Whusuli Jiang present
New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia (S. Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, W. Australia) and E. Asia: NE. China (Heilong Jang, Whusuli Jiang; Manchuria), Korea, Taiwan, Japan, S. China (S. Yunnan). .


Extremely variable in the Australian region, especially in vegetative parts. M. pro-pinquum and M. ussuriense differ only in minor vegetative characters.
The area is strongly disjunct. One sterile collection from West New Guinea (Wissel Lakes, EYMA 4733, at c. 1600 m) might belong to this species or to M. verticillatum.


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