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Evergreen shrubs or trees. Leaves spirally arranged to terminally clustered, estipulate, imparipinnate, herbaceous; Flowers in scattered, stalked, loose cymes, heterodi- or -tristylous. Sepals quincuncial or paratact, shortly connate at base. Petals contort or paratact, free or coherent above the claw, creamy to dark red with white markings. Panicles axillary or cauliflorous. Ovary appressed-strigose; Fruit large, yellowish green and semitransparent in vivo, red when dry; Seeds elliptic, flattened;


Asia-Tropical, Indo-Malesia present, pantropically at low altitude cultivated
2 spp., probably native in Malesia, cultivated pantropically at low altitude for their fruit trees, often escaping.
It is often assumed that Averrhoa is possibly of American origin. Both species are mentioned in pre-Linnean literature always from Indo-Malesia (BAUHIN, 1623, being the oldest). The closest relatives are Malesian-Malagasian. Though I can not forward proof, for or against, an Indo-Malesian origin seems most probable.


Mainly for the fruit; see under the species.


ENDL. 1839: Gen. Pl.: 1173
KNUTH 1930 – In: Pfl. R.: 417
LINNÉ 1753: Sp. Pl.: 428
BACK.& BAKH.f. 1963 – In: Fl. Java: 247