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Trees, monoecious (always?). Leaves membranous or chartaceous, slightly brittle when dry, lower surface not pale, not papillose, dots absent; Inflorescences with male and female flowers mixed (always?), sometimes pseudoterminal (terminal bud of twig abortive), paniculate, branched from near the base; Flowers short or long pedicellate, at base not articulated; Fruits ellipsoid or (ob)ovoid, glabrous, yellow or purplish;


Asia-Tropical: Lesser Sunda Is. absent; New Guinea present, Australasia, Central & East Java absent, Solomon Islands absent, South China present, Southeast Asia present
The genus has 4 species, ranging from South China through Southeast Asia and Malesia east to New Guinea; not in Central & East Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Solomon Islands or Australia.
(see p. 3).


In most species female flowers have not been seen; they should be found in the large, paniculate, predominantly male-flowerd inflorescences, or in purely female inflorescences.


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