Woodwardia unigemmata

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Woodwardia unigemmata


Plants terrestrial.


Asia-Temperate: Japan (Honshu present, Kyushu present), Asia-Tropical: East Himalaya (Bhutan present); New Guinea present, Himalayas present, Luzon present, Myanmar present, extreme north-eastern Pakistan present, islands of Taiwan present, south central China present, south-eastern Tibet present
Along the Himalayas from extreme north-eastern Pakistan to Bhutan; south-eastern Tibet to south central China and extreme north-eastern Myanmar; disjunct on the islands of Taiwan; Honshu, Kyushu; in Malesia: Luzon and New Guinea.


n = 34.


reported this species from northern Vietnam (Chapa 1924, and Colani 2850, both from Tonkin), but I have seen neither specimen. Woodwardia unigemmata closely resembles W. radians. In addition, W. unigemmata is sometimes confused with morphotypes of W. japonica, W. orientalis and W. prolifera. The presence of one or more rhachial gemmae is sufficient to distinguish W. unigemmata from related budless species. Budless material of W. unigemmata may be generally recognized by deltate (as opposed to narrowly ovate) pinna lobes and pinnae that are nearly symmetric in lobing at the base.


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