How to contribute to the Flora of Greece


The Flora of Greece web is a scientific, open access data portal aiming to provide the latest information on plant taxa and their distribution in the Greek territory. It is well known, that many scientists and nature enthusiasts are collecting a vast amount of floristic data (most of which of special importance), but without publishing them. Hence, we call for contributions to our online system, through a peer reviewed process and evaluation. By this, new floristic records and data will be available to science and the public, while the contributor will be recognized for his/her contribution.

How do I contribute floristic records?

  1. EEA Reference Grid. If you don't know the accurate coordinates of your record please use the EEA Reference Grid code to define the area of the recording at the grid cell level. Download the provided EEA Reference Grid (as .kmz or .shp file), elaborate your data using GIS software (e.g. Google Earth, ArcGIS, QGIS) and provide feedback, via e-mail, by sending the relevant grid cell code of your recording, accompanied by taxon’s name and picture or any other relevant information (e.g. altitude, geological substrate, habitat).
  2. Submit data via e-mail. Submit *.doc, *.xls or *.pdf files which include all the information for your records (taxon name, coordinates, altitude, habitat description and any other information you think is relevant to the record). Submit also the relevant images for each record (close-ups and panoramics).
  3. Submit geo-tagged images. If you have geotagged images of your records you can submit them for via e-mail. It is important to have each image renamed to the taxon's name. If you wish to provide more information about one or more of your images please attach a supplementary file (*.doc, *.xls, *.pdf, *shp) with all relevant, additional data.
  4. Submit field data using the Flora of Greece Web online platform (under construction). In the provided cells and for each site of presence, please fill accordingly the taxon's name, coordinates, altitude, habitat description and any other information you think is relevant to the record. Please, attach also images of the taxon (close-ups and panoramics, where available) at the provided cell.
  5. How do I contribute photography?

    Contributed photographs should be of good overall quality (lighting, sharpness, resolution etc.). The size of the contributed photos should be no smaller than 1500 pixels (in either dimension) and up to original camera size. Supplied information must cover the following: species depicted, location, a short description, the artist's name, the date and time the photo was taken. In case that a short description of the species is not available, please feel free to provide the remaining information given above. Any additional helpful information is welcome.

    These data can be in a separate file (.txt, .doc, .xls) with the same file name or they can be inserted in the following image metadata fields: Title, Subject or Description, Creator.

    Please leave other original metadata intact and especially the time/date fields.

    Images should not be edited beyond basic tonal range and color balance optimization. No watermarks should be added. The artist's name and copyright information should be in the metadata and will be displayed together with each photo.

    Email addresses for contributions

    E-mail address for contributions:,

    Greek EEA Reference Grid

    Click here to download the EEA Reference Grid in .kml format

    Click here to download the EEA Reference Grid in .shp format