The Flora of Greece

The Flora of Greece project was launched in Athens on 26 May 2017 (see Hellenic Botanical Society Newsletter issue 2). An estimated eight volumes are planned, both printed and online. Work is currently underway on Volume 1, which includes the pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperm families alphabetically from Acanthaceae to Asparagaceae.

Treatments for the Flora of Greece are published in Portable Document Format (PDF) online ahead of inclusion in the respective printed volume of the Flora. As soon as a new treatment is published, it is added to the list below. Each treatment can also be downloaded on the relevant taxon pages in the Flora of Greece web. Every Flora treatment has been peer-reviewed by at least one expert in the group concerned and is a final version. Upon publication of a Flora treatment, the Checklist data (taxonomy, distribution in the floristic regions, habitat, etc.) are updated accordingly. The CC BY 4.0 licence permits unrestricted use provided the original author and source are credited.

Published Flora treatments

1 February 2023 – Arecaceae (ed. 1) – Flora of Greece Volume 1